Back Door Babe.

20 year old female.
I post stuff what I like and whatever turns me on. :) you can ask questions in my ask. i am new to tumblr so be nice! ;)

dirtylittlesod asked: Hey. Im a very horny thirtysomething guy from the uk Just found your blog. I can't stop playing with myself today. I need a power cut to stop me. :) do you like submissions from your male fans. Do you post them or keep them private :)

Haha ;) yeah i like submissions from any fans, & if you want it posting i’ll post it, if not i’ll keep it private. ;)

timber4sissy asked: Just thought I'd let you know that Ana loving Babes are the hottest Babes on the planet hands down!...I love you already x

Haha thanks! about 4 years ago i said i never wanted to try anal, but when i eventually did i was hooked! my boyfriend and the time loved it, & so did i. :D

dirtyminded247 asked: beautiful blog so far ;)

Thankyou! Yours is great too! :)